Wekah Sun, Grow Your Plants at Home


  • The Product’s parts are:

    • Lighting fixture (Advanced LED, 7 Watt, Direct Current, 12VDC and 50,000 hours of effective life span). Including a controller with LCD , specially designed and adjusted for Plant Lighting.
    • Photocell for energy saving -shuts down automatically when enough effective light is present.
    • Adjustable telescopic  stand.
    • Operation Manual
    • Cable and transformer plug to 12 VDC (safety and security)

    24/7 Technical and agronomical support, by the experts of Wekah Technologies Ltd.

    Wekah Sun’s Main Advantages:

    • Ecological – sequestrates more carbon then emitting of carbon.
    • Flexible location of plants anywhere inside the house. Device is a stand – alone, mobile, size adjustable.
    • Telescopic pole enables to adjust the height for maximum efficiency of illumination close to the canopy in order to cover the changing size of growing plants.
    • Energy Saving (less than 15 watt/h) will not affect your electric bill.
    • Does not produce heat, with no influence on room temperature and no risk to the plants.
    • Easy to set and operate by any person, without any technological or agronomic background.
    • IIS (Israel Institute of Standards) approved, completely safe for human touch, working on 12 VDC current, no possible danger of electrification.
    • New LED lightning technology enables long Life – 50,000 hours Life Span.
    • Smart Photoelectric Sensor light during day time when sun light is available from windows etc.

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